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Communications and Navigation Electronics

As an industrial company, we are engaged worldwide in the sales, installation, repair and servicing of communications and navigation electronics systems. We organize and conduct service deployments for the electronics systems cited above - primarily with our own in-house, excellently trained technicians in the area of North Sea and Baltic Sea ports. But we do not shy away from deploying our technicians around the globe when requested – assignments throughout Europe, the Americas or in Asia are common for us.


We are a leading industrial firm focusing on maritime electronic systems and we sell, set up, repair, maintain and service ...


Operating Sites

As an industrial firm, we operate globally with regard to the sale, set-up, repair as well as maintenance and service of communication ...

Operating Sites


It is our goal to assist our clients by covering all aspects of their requirements, and we therefore cooperate with a large number ...

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We do have highly qualified and well trained professionals in our team. We always put the customer first and act service- and ...

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